What We Do

Seths - Drive Thru 23

What we do here at Seth’s is really focused on doing coffee to the best of our ability. We believe we do not have to ability to enhance coffee or make it better than it already is. What we do, however, have the capacity to do, is take away from it. So, our goal here is to take away as little as possible from the coffee we serve you by removing as many of the obstacles to good coffee as possible. Some of those obstacles are dirty equipment, mishandled coffee, the wrong grind, the wrong temperature for water, a bad water-to-coffee ratio, improper extraction, and contact time between water and coffee. We do our best to address and overcome all of those obstacles in order for you to get the best cup of coffee or espresso-based beverage possible.

This is why we brew every cup by the cup, in order that you are only getting something that is handcrafted to-order, not made in bulk ahead of time for whoever happens to purchase it. Waiting for a great cup of coffee is worthwhile in our opinion, and we hope you think so too.

We also really love to talk coffee with people. If ever you are curious to learn more about coffee, brewing methods, espresso, or anything coffee, you can count on any one of my staff members or myself being more than excited to talk coffee. We look forward to enhancing how you view coffee, as well as your overall experience with coffee as Seth’s.

We also have recently added craft beer and wine to our menu. We love a great beer just as much as we love great coffee. There are over a dozen craft beers available by the can/bottle and always 2 rotating tap beers, primarily from local Wisconsin breweries, with a few national craft brands mixed in. We also are very proud of our wine list, which includes several red and white options, as well as port wines. Come enjoy!