Be sure to check out our featured drinks, changing seasonally. We also offer reserve coffees, micro-lot coffees, and such things as this, being brewed-to-order. Ask about our feature drinks and single-origin coffees next time you come in!


espressointense, concentrated shots of coffee
espresso con pannaespresso topped with whipped cream
affogatoold fashioned vanilla ice cream topped with fresh espresso

Sizes for hot drinks are 8, 12, and 16 ounces. All three sizes come with 2 shots of espresso (with espresso-based drinks). A 16 ounce espresso-based drink is going to be closer to what you may be used to from most coffee shops around here, and an 8 ounce would be more of a European-style espresso drink, with the espresso to milk ratio being 1:3.


latte – espresso topped with steamed milk
cappuccino – espresso topped with a slightly thicker, velvety frothed milk
chocolate sauce, espresso, steamed milk 
espresso topped with steamed half & half
americano – shots of espresso topped with hot water


We very proudly serve Intelligentsia Coffee. All of our coffees are brewed by-the-cup, so please be prepared to wait for your coffee to be made fresh!

pourover – this is our standard method of brewing coffee, using a HarioV60 dripper. Coffees change quite regularly, including ever-changing in-season single-origin coffees from Intelligentsia Coffee
chemex – 30 ounces of fresh, brewed-just-for-you-and-your-pal/girlfriend coffee. This is similar to the Hario V60 in that it is a pourover method, but uses a slightly coarser grind and thicker filter to bring out some different flavor characteristics.
French-pressed – full-immersion brew that is notorious for making the most flavorful cup of coffee among all the brewing methods.

cold coffee

we can do any of your espresso-based favorites over ice (mocha, latte, vanilla latte, etc.)

frappe – espresso based, frozen blended drinks

not coffee

steamers – milk steamed together with a flavor of your choice
Intelligentsia chai latte – Intelligentsia’s delicious black spiced chai tea with milk, steamed together
hot chocolate – our signature hot chocolate is as creamy as it gets
caramel apple cider – seasonal, available fall and early winter. real apple cider, steamed with caramel
loose leaf tea
*Organic King Crimson
*Organic Breakfast Blend
*Organic Earl Grey
*Organic Blend 333
*Organic Chamomile
*Organic Jasmine Green
*Organic Jasmine Peach

Our selection of flavors that you can add to any drink: Vanilla Almond Raspberry Chocolate White Chocolate Caramel Sugar Free Vanilla

not coffee

real fruit smoothies – frozen fruit blended with 100% fruit juice (no sugar added). Available flavors: mixed berry / strawberry banana
iced tea – cold-brewed black tea and other seasonal teas, all cold-brewed
milkshakes – made with Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream, any of the 8 flavors currently offered at the shop (changing regularly)

beer & wine

Our beer and wine options are constantly rotating to ensure you have a chance to try some of the incredibly diverse beverages without limiting you to just a few breweries or vineyards. We also only carry craft beers and high-quality wines. Sorry, folks, no Sutter Home or Budweiser here…

We offer over a dozen craft beers by the bottle/can, including beers from Capital, Wisconsin Brewing Company, Central Waters, O’so, Lagunitas, Tallgrass, and many more. 

We also have a great wine list with 5 red options by the glass, as well as 2 white options by the glass. To top it off, we have port wine.

To make your beer & wine experience extra great, we’ve also got a tapas menu of fancy foods to go great with your beverage. Cheers!