The Methods.

Upon entering Seth’s Coffee, you might notice the local artwork, the fantastic pottery or perhaps an array of delectable treats in the pastry case. If you venture in closer, however, behind the #wooden# bartop, and #stone# counters, you’ll notice all sorts of scientific looking gizmos and gadgets. Many of those gadgets allow us to prepare your drinks using various different brewing methods. There are hundreds of ways to make a divine cup of coffee, but we at Seth’s have narrowed them down to 6 of our favorite brewing methods.

Hario V60


The V60 is type of manual pour over. If you order a single origin and don’t specify the brew method, it’s going to be made in one of these bad boys. The V60 features a cone shaped vessel, usually made out either ceramic or glass, lined with spiral ridges to aid in the brewing process. The V60 offers the thinnest paper filter than any other pour over device. Estimated brew time 4-5 minutes



The Chemex is in the same pour over family as the V60, but like its bigger, sassier, sister. The Chemex uses a thicker paper filter causing the water to pass through more slowly. The thicker filter also helps yield a very clean cup of coffee. Created by a chemist, the Chemex was designed not only as a reliable brewing method, but also as an art piece. The Chemex can be found on display at the MOMA in New York! Estimated Brew time- 6-7 minutes



The Aeropress is quite different than the V60 and Chemex since it is an immersion brewing method. The coffee grounds are all completely submerged during the duration of the extraction time. The Aeropress is compact, perfect for travel, and makes one cup at a time. Estimated brew time- 3-4 minutes

French Press


Probably the most recognizable brewing method, the french press is also a full immersion brewing method. Due to the metal filter, more oil from the coffee grounds can pass through creating a full bodied cup. Estimated brew time- 5 minutes

Cold Drip Ice Coffee Maker



Last Summer we introduced a new brewing method to the team, a Japanese cold drip ice coffee brewer. It’s responsible for making our incredibly smooth and delicious cold brew here at the shop. It usually takes 24 hours to make one batch of cold brew, and it is well worth the wait!

Batch Brewer


Our newest addition is our Fetco XTS batch brewer. This awesome machine allows us to control the brew time, temperature, and volume. We use the Fetco for our House Blend coffee ensuring faster service for our top selling coffee. That way we can also execute single origin pour overs more efficiently, as the top selling coffee doesn’t interrupt the flow of doing pour-overs of the higher end ones.

Interested in learning more about coffee? Want to learn how to craft an amazing cup of coffee using some of these methods? We offer Coffee 101 classes for those of you looking to learn more about what exactly is going into your cup. And Brewing 101 classes for our customers who want to try and bring one of our brewing methods into their own homes.
Just ask one of our baristas to sign up!