Latte Art


So, many people ask us about the “little flowers” or hearts on top of the lattes. Many wonder how it’s done, and many also wonder why it seems to be different every time they come in.

We’ll break it down just a bit for you…

Latte art is art that is attempted with every latte we make. It is a difficult skill to develop and hone, as it’s subjective to many variables. So many things can affect our ability to consistently make the same art on top of your latte, including the way the milk is steamed, what type of milk is used, how old the espresso is, the size and shape of the cup, and which barista is making the beverage. Side note: latte art is nearly impossible when using soy milk, very difficult with almond milk, relatively difficult with skim milk, and much more likely to impress with whole milk. Who wants to look at the same thing every time, anyways?! If you’re given a latte that even has a glimpse of art on top, that tells you a lot about the drink you’re about to consume. Milk that is steamed improperly can almost never be successfully used for free poured latte art. So if you see a relatively pathetic looking leaf on top of your latte, do not be dismayed, as this beverage is almost guaranteed to taste much better than if the top of your latte had froth that resembled soap suds. You may have seen the cute little puppy faces or smiley faces on some shared picture of a cappuccino on Facebook, but those are not the drinks we’re aiming for. In order to make a puppy face or Bill Clinton’s face in your latte, the froth has to be unacceptably thick and tools must be used. Our goal is to use free pouring only to make your latte art. The puppy face or Bill Clinton faces in lattes use a method called “etching”, which is not our method.

We hope to consistently provide you with an espresso-based drink that not only tastes stellar, but also is a piece of art. We take much pride in our attention-to-detail in drink production, and we hope you can enjoy this pursuit with us!