the joy of coffee

hola folks!

Glad you stopped by today. Today’s post is pretty much just what’s on my mind and touches on a few things I want you to know about Seth’s…

What is coffee to you? Coffee to us is far beyond a caffeine-fix every morning. It is a sensory experience to be enjoyed. Not only should coffee taste incredible on the tongue, but it should provoke a reason for you to keep using your nose, as well as offering a visually pleasing experience.

Coffee is a fruit, coming from a bright red cherry. It is not to be treated as something able to sit on a shelf for many months or years before being consumed. We buy coffees from Intelligentsia that are as close to their harvest date as humanly possible, taking into account the amount of time it takes to ship it all to the states (via actual ships). It’s not unusual to purchase coffee elsewhere that has literally been sitting in a warehouse for 6 months or a year. You won’t find that to be the case here. The only sitting that this coffee does is in transit to Intelligentsia’s roasting works, and maybe a few weeks after it arrives before it’s ordered by a wholesale customer like Seth’s and its roasted and shipped to us the next day. Fresh. As it should be.

Why would we offer several brewing methods for coffee? Coffee, after all, is just coffee…right? Well, we beg to differ. Certain coffees are outrageously different when brewed as a pour over vs French press or any other method, for that matter. They may have a few common flavor notes or characteristics, but everything from the acidity to the flavors to the body of a coffee can change based on the brewing method. Beyond that, even certain variables within the same brewing method can change coffees drastically, such as: water temperature, grind, speed of the brew, the barista’s attitude ;), and even the humidity that day. It’s crazy.

Coffee is best when cared for, specifically roasted to bring out each bean’s characteristics, and hand-crafted to ensure it’s not just your average beverage. We put as much energy into making our coffee as we do in preparing a meal for a candle-lit dinner with our love. We hope you can come and enjoy the experience of coffee, not just the caffeine buzz. Come and sit a while.

Many folks just see coffee as a means to an end: being jacked full of caffeine. There is nothing wrong with that, we just simply don’t see it that way. We are also not offended at all if someone chooses a faster, cheaper venue for their caffeine-fix if they are happy with product elsewhere! That said, we do hope to show you a bit of what coffee can potentially be to anyone willing to try it our way! That’s all. Bye bye.